February 29, 2016

Donald Trump wants US libel laws to be more like ours

Donald Trump recently said that if elected President he would “open up our libel laws so when [newspapers] write purposely negative stories…we can sue them and make lots of money”. That sounds eerily familiar to observers here in Australia, where there is a long history of politicians suing or threatening […]
February 18, 2016

Promoting your content: ten legal tips

These days a promotional campaign needs to reach audiences through social media as well as traditional publicity channels. But promoting your content through social media can increase legal risks. A well known example is the case of Hockey v Fairfax, where Joe Hockey failed to win defamation damages from Fairfax over an […]
February 18, 2016

Australia’s answer to Argo

I came across this excellent piece of writing about a 1970s trip to Iran by an Australian 13 year old boy, by Australian author Ross Duncan. Surely this will soon be optioned as Australia’s answer to Argo…